Ambulance Service
We provide ambulance coverage for the neighborhoods of Lindenwood, Ozone Park, and South Ozone Park. We are a member of the New York City Fire Department’s Mutual Aid Response Service (MARS) agreement. As such, we are a recognized 911 unit and do get called by New York City’s 911 system to respond to medical emergencies, in our response area.

Special Events

LVAC has provided coverage at many special events. Most notably, LVAC is the coordinating medical provider for the annual Independent Bikers Toys for Tots Motorcycle Run. This medical coverage has been ongoing for over 7 of the 20 years that IBTFT has been running the event. The run normally draws upwards of 10,000 bikers and LVAC has coordinated several other neighboring volunteer ambulances to ensure their safety.

LVAC also provides coverage to smaller local events, when invited. These events include Little League Games, Karate Tournaments, Rodeos, and Carnivals.

Special Coverage – September 11th, 2001
Lindenwood VAC sent L-9 to the World trade Center site in the second wave of responders, operating under the coordination of the NYC Office of Emergency Management. Our unit was staged at the Manhattan side of the Staten Island ferry terminal, which is less than 5 blocks from ground zero. The majority of patients seen by our unit were survivors and local residents trying to leave downtown Manhattan. Most of these people needed facemasks and water. We depleted many of our ‘soft’ supplies (water, masks, bandages, etc) at this location. L-8 remained in our community to provide EMS coverage to our response area as well as surrounding areas. The entire South Queens area which keeps 5 hospital based ambulances, 5 CFR First Responder FDNY engines, and 3 volunteer ambulance corps was covered by 1 hospital ambulance, 1 volunteer fire dept engine, 1 FDNY engine and our unit.

Due to the fact that phone service throughout NYC was limited, many residents were unable to get a dial tone to even call 911. We had 4 EMTs stationed in our base and publicized our location for walk-in treatment. Our unit, when not responding to calls, stayed on constant patrol.

LVAC maintained staffing levels for 2 ambulances and the base from September 11th through September 17th.

The Flight 587 disaster hit closer to home, literally. Our unit was among the early responders and was staged on Beach 130th Street, 1 block from the main crash site. Our other unit again stayed in our community to ensure our community had coverage.

Other Coverage:
LVAC had both ambulances running during the snow storm on December 29, 2000. 10 members rotated shifts to provide 14 continuous hours for both ambulances. During this time, LVAC responded to 14 calls and transported 9 patients. The weather was so severe that the average response time for a city ambulance was well over 40 minutes to any call.

LVAC has also provided spur of the moment coverage for the large area blackouts our communities experienced in 1999 and 2000.